Sherlock Mondays and Past Biblioventures

What began as an early pandemic project has grown into one of the Rosenbach’s most popular programs! Each week, our program manager Edward G. Pettit hosts a weekly, interactive web series based off on a work of classic literature. Sherlock Mondays begins in September 2023 and continues through April 2024. Learn more.

Past Sundays With… Programs

Watch the recordings of Austen Mondays and Sundays With… Dracula, Frankenstein, and Jane Eyre. 

Learn more and watch Austen Mondays.

Aired September 2022-March 2023


Learn more and watch Sundays With Jane Eyre

Aired September 2021-April 2022


Learn more and watch Sundays With Frankenstein

Aired January-April 2021


Learn more and watch Sundays With Dracula

Aired May-November 2020