A letter from Kelsey Scouten Bates, February 2, 2024

Hello Friends,

We hope you’re well and keeping warm this winter season. After two years of deep and energetic conversation within the Rosenbach community, I’m so pleased to unveil our new aspirational vision statement that puts what is already our practice into writing, strengthening our commitment toward a common goal: 

 Through unprecedented physical, intellectual, and emotional access to rare books and manuscripts, the Rosenbach Museum & Library will create a community in reading and dialogue for people to: 

  • Learn about and critically engage with the stories and artifacts of history 
  • Enjoy and be inspired by the art of the written word 
  • Cultivate an awareness and understanding of the world and our shared humanity 

Whether you prefer researching with the help of our librarians or reading with a community of folks, there is something here for you. With a collection that spans eight centuries and many cultural traditions, the beauty and art of the written word is available to you here— in-person or online. We welcome you to add your own experience and understanding to our collection through reading, dialogue, and enjoyment.  

We are doubly pleased to share this vision statement on the occasion of James Joyce’s 142nd birthday today. We are looking forward to seeing you again at this year’s June 16 Bloomsday celebration and, starting today, we invite you to participate in our Bloomsday Raffle for a chance to win a spot as a Bloomsday reader. All proceeds from the raffle support the Rosenbach, the Bloomsday celebration, and all of the programs you enjoy throughout the year. The raffle is open through March 3. We will draw our winner on Monday, March 4! 

Get the details and join the raffle HERE 

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Rosenbach. We will have much more news to share in the coming months including the opening of new permanent galleries, Treasures from the Rosenbach’s Collection, where more of our peerless collection will be on view all the time. 

With appreciation for your support of the Rosenbach, 


Kelsey Scouten Bates
John C. Haas Director
[email protected]