A note from Collections intern Jess Guziak

Hello! My name is Jess Guziak, I am a 2024 Temple graduate with a B.A in Anthropology. I was lucky to be able to serve as a cataloging intern at the Rosenbach these past few months as I helped craft the digital catalogue.
During my time as a cataloging intern at the Rosenbach, I was able to get hands-on experience with library work and immerse myself in the collections that the Rosenbach has to offer. In this position, I was always encouraged to visit the active exhibits and take time to look through the pieces in the library. My main task was in completing a scanning project of the black and white photo collection. This collection consisted of various pieces from the Rosenbach library, ranging from Americana to Judaica. Through this, I was able to see special pieces of the historic collection, learn library cataloging terms, and gain some experience with PastPerfect. I am especially appreciative of Jobi Zink for taking the time to teach me about library cataloging, a skill that was not only imperative to my job at the Rosenbach, but one that will be important to me as I further my career.
I was always met with smiling faces when entering the Rosenbach as I grew accustomed to seeing these faces weekly. The staff possess a breadth of knowledge, and I am grateful of this time I spent learning from and contributing to the Rosenbach.

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