Alexander Hamilton: You’re Really Good!

I’m not sure when Cracker Jack® prizes got all educational and everything, but check out the one I got, er, found on the sidewalk the other day:

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Alexander Hamilton, founder of the First Bank of the United States!

Yeah, being one of the most important figues in American history and having your portrait on the $10 bill is nice and all, but being the subject of a Cracker Jack® prize means you’ve really hit the big time, doesn’t it?

Bully for him, but what about the poor kid who didn’t get a temporary tattoo? Pretty disappointed, I bet.

There’s some dispute as to exactly what happened that fateful day July day in Weehawken. Here’s a great piece on the duel. (NB: It’s a PDF.)

And yeah, the Rosenbach has manuscripts relating to all of the major players in the duel with the exception of Nathaniel Pendleton, Hamilton’s second. We even have a passel of documents relating to Rufus King (see link above).