Happy Hat Day

The internet tells me it’s “National Hat Day” today, January 15. I’m not really sure where this supposed holiday comes from, but it is a good excuse to show off some some of the fabulous hat-wearers in our collection.

Here’s Ben Franklin in his classic fur hat.
“”Dr. Benjn. Franklin, Engraved for the Select Portrait Gallery in the Guide to Knowledge” 1965.779. Collection of the Rosenbach
And Napoleon in his trademark chapeau.
David Edwin, “Napoleon BuonapartĂ©.” Philadelphia: C. and A. Conrad & Co., 1809. 1954.1178. Collection of the Rosenbach
 Tam O’Shanter is wearing his name-sake headgear in this picture.
George Bryan Campion, “Tam O’Shanter & Souter Johnny”.1954.573. Collection of the Rosenbach.

There are many great hats, for both ladies and gents, in this 18th-century image of “The Promenade at Carlisle House.”

John Raphael Smith, The Promenade at Carlisle House. 1781. 1954.623.Collection of the Rosenbach.
The unknown lady in this miniature is sporting a lovely feathered design.
Unknown lady., claled Mrs. Coswap. 1954.630.272.Collection of the Rosenbach
As is the infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia, in her own miniature.
School fo Alonso Sanchez Coelho, Isabella Clara Eugenia. 1954.0630.046.Collection of the Rosenbach
His Excellency Mirza Aboo al Hassan, the envoy of the king of Persia, might win for height.
David Edwin, His Excellency Mirza Aboo al Hassan. Philadelphia : Hopkins and Earle, 1809 or 10. 1954.1159.  Collection of the Rosenbach
While this gentleman might win for sheer size.
Robert Nanteuil,” Le Bassin”.[S.l. : s.n., between 1645 and 1678] 1954.269.91.Collection of the Rosenbach
Finally, we couldn’t possibly leave out Marianne Moore, two of whose famous tricorn hats are in our collection. This Henri Bendel version was a gift from her friend Hildegarde Watson in 1958.

Henri Bendel, tricorn hat. 1958. 2006.2582. Collection of the Rosenbach

Happy Hat Day!

Kathy Haas is the Associate Curator at the Rosenbach and the primary poster at the Rosen-Blog.