Hedgerow Theatre Brings Interactive Theatre to the Rosenbach

Hedgerow Theatre’s Radio Mysteries will invite audiences of the Rosenbach to experience storytelling in a variety of ways. In addition to live performances of classic radio mystery episodes, this performance will also feature an original piece called “Life in Sonderville”, written by former Hedgerow Fellow Mark Swift.

“Life in Sonderville” is a project that hopes to achieve a sense of personalized storytelling that will allow audiences to discuss their experiences with a level of variety that traditional storytelling is not always able to do. With a emphasis on “Choose Your Own Adventure,” audiences will follow one of two possible protagonists through their time in the enigmatic suburban town of Sonderville: for example, while one audience might help a convict escape from Sonderville, another audience might join forces with the Sheriff in tracking the convict down. During the actual performance at Rosenbach, audiences will be presented with a choice during the first act, to be voted on during intermission, and will be presented with the winning choice in the second act.

Radio Mystery Plays will appear at the Rosenbach on Tuesday, July 25 and Tuesday, August 22. Advance registration is strongly encouraged! While the ultimate goal for “Life In Sonderville” is to create a web-based radio series where listeners can enjoy the story from the comfort of their homes, attendees can look forward to a fully staged production in Fall 2018.

Post authored by Mark Swift for Hedgerow Theatre Company. Hedgerow Theatre seeks to connect and enrich the lives of company, patrons, and community in the shared experience of ensemble theatre, through performance and theatre education of the highest quality.