The Last Favour

Teresa Jaynes’ new book, The Last Favour, is finally done! It is the product of a collaboration between the Rosenbach, the Borowsky Center at the University of the Arts, and Teresa herself. It began as an installation at the Rosenbach called Red Maids that Teresa did at the Rosenbach back in 2000 as part of an exhibition called “Bang: Contemporary Artists Collide with the Collections.” [Rosenbach members and Teresa Jaynes’ fans will remember that the installation included hundreds of red skirts that hung from the ceiling of Philip Rosenbach’s bathroom.] As the installation was coming down, a number of people thought it would make a great book–njot a catalog, per se, but a book based on it. Five years later, it’s here–in a limited, numbered, signed edition that starts at $25. There are pictures of the skirts. There is also a picture of the Rosenbach’s favorite poster girl, Meaty–who was discovered in our collection by the much-missed erstwhile library assistant Najia Khan during the course of the big move a few years back. We’ll also have the book for sale on our web site, but for now, if you want a copy, call the museum and ask to talk to the shop. (215-732-1600), or just email [email protected]Posted by Picasa