No Fooling Around Here

Come snow or sleet or freezing rain, things keep humming along here at the Rosenbach. We’ve been especially busy of late since we’ve been installing two new exhibits at the same time!

Raving Beauty, a companion installation to Joseph Hallman’s upcoming performance, is now in the Drawing Room gallery. It wasn’t scheduled to open until Sunday, but we were speedy and it’s already up. It includes items from the Acosta collection, including Rita Lydig’s fabulous designer shoes and correspondence from Garbo, Stravinsky, and Duncan. Give yourself a gold star if you can actually decipher Isadora Duncan’s handwriting–it’s fascinating, but a doozy! The installation also includes quotes and interview clips from Hallman on his research and on the composing process–if you’ve ever wondered how our artist projects happen, here’s a chance to get a glimpse.

Also on a musical note, we’re working hard on installing the Grace Notes exhibit, which will open next Wednesday (April 6). This exhibit explores Sendak’s relationship with music and how that is reflected in his art, including his books and his opera work. Did you know that Sendak made notes on some of his drawings of what musical piece he was listening to when he drew them? Here you can see Patrick slaving away on exhibit installation:

As you can see, our to-do list is long, but it’s all such great stuff!

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