This series of photographs are of the Rosenbach brothers’ New York City home, located at 322 E. 57th street. The home was more of a show room the a residence. Many of the objects in these photos are now on display at the museum.

From the crypt

Pinouris, Son of Hor perches on top of a column in the east Library. Pa-iu-en-hor, known in Greek as Pinouris, was “God’s Father” and the “Prophet of Amun in Karnak.” Pinouris holds lettuce leaves in his hands, these are symbolic of fertility to the Egyptians. The three columns of text on the back pillar contain …

Max Roach

We’re holding a musical vigil in the library office today in tribute to Max Roach who died yesterday at the age of 83. By any measure, Mr. Roach was one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century. As others have and will eulogize him more adequately than I can, I’ll only add two things: …

“My Dear Kid”: Or, Why Can’t We Have A Nice Blog Post About a Happy Milestone in a Young Man’s Life Without Some G_ddamn Neo-Nazis Butting In?

Our magisterial current exhibition, Chosen: Philadelphia’s Great Hebraica, closes in a couple of weeks. I recently stumbled across the letter above. In honor of the exhibition, I thought I’d post it here. Click on the image above and read it. It was written by Morris Rosenbach (pictured left) to his younger brother A.S.W. (a.k.a. Kid, …


We’re doing some cleaning and reorganizing around here. Somebody left the head of Molly Bloom, wrapped in plastic, outside the basement bathrooms. It’s been sitting there for days. It makes me think of poor Laura Palmer. I keep expecting Bob to show up. It’s creepy. Don’t go down there.