Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Marianne Moore throwing out first pitch in Yankee Stadium, 1968. Moore XII:17:12a

With game six of the World Series on tonight (go Phils!) I figured we should own up to having some pretty cool Yankees memorabilia, courtesy of Miss Marianne Moore. Moore was, of course, originally a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers and her poem “Hometown Piece for Messrs Alston and Reese” made the front page of the Herald Tribune on the first day of the 1956 Dodgers/Yankees World Series.

But once the Dodgers headed out to L.A. Moore found a soft spot in her heart for the Bronx bombers. Her poem “Baseball and Writing” extols the Yankees–my favorite line is her advice to ‘Assign Yogi Berra to Cape Canaveral; he could handle any missile. he is no feather.”Strike!. . . Strike two!” The Yankees returned Moore’s affection and the collection at the Rosenbach includes not only pictures of her throwing out a first pitch in 1968, but also a Yankees jacket given to her by Michael Burke, president of the Yankees, for her 83d birthday and a baseball signed to her for her 84th birthday by Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio.



Too bad Marianne never lived in Philadelphia–it would be nice to have a poetic paean to our own hometown team. Maybe if she were around today she could find something dramatic to say about Cliff Lee and Chase Utley, even if she was duty bound to root for the opposing team.