April 22, 1861: The New York Herald


Transcript (excerpt):

The New York Herald, New York, Morning Edition, Monday, April 22, 1861.

Page 1, Upper Half

News From Harper’s Ferry.

Chambersburg, Pa., April 21, 1861.

On the night of the destruction of the buildings at Harper’s Ferry, four men were left on guard and, could not leave without Lieutenant Jones. They were, as supposed, taken prisoners by the Virginians, and held till yesterday afternoon, when two escaped by crossing the bridge, and one by swimming the river and canal.

The other remains at the Ferry. The three arrived here this morning. They report that the destruction of the buildings and arms was complete. Six or seven thousand Virginians were there, and five thousand more were expected last night from Richmond under Colonel Lee.

They design invading Maryland, and making Mason and Dixon’s line the line of warfare.

Citation: New York Herald. 22 April 1861. Gift of Susan and Steven Raab. AN .N56792

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  1. Michael Berry says:

    Washington DC remains isolated.

    RE Lee is appointed commander of the Virginia forces.

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