Judaica & Rosenbachiana Collection: Monogrammed Lap Robe, Cigarette Box, and Promotional Pamphlet

Frank Carnevale Maffe was an Italian immigrant who served as the Rosenbachs’ chauffeur in New York from 1923 to 1938. One of his descendants recently contacted the Rosenbach to find out more about his work and to share her family knowledge with us. The Maffes also kindly donated several Rosenbach items that had been passed down in their family, including a seal fur laprobe with Philip Rosenbach’s initials and the cigarette holder from the limo they used, as well as a press pamphlet for Bookhunter’s Holiday and a photo of Mr. Maffe.

Date Acquired by Rosenbach Brothers 10/06/2011
Gifted by Francois (Frank) Maffe’s Family