Judaica & Rosenbachiana Collection: Service for the two first nights of Passover

The little information we have about this wine-stained Haggadah speaks of tragedy for the Rosenbach family. Hyman Polock Rosenbach, oldest of the seven Rosenbach children, inscribed it “First used by me April 19th 1886.” His father Morris had recently died and leading the Passover seder had become the responsibility of the oldest son. Unfortunately, Hyman, an accomplished journalist, soon developed a severe drinking problem. Philip Rosenbach’s inscription below Hyman’s in the Haggadah indicates that just five years later Philip replaced his debilitated and ailing brother at the head of the seder table. Hyman died a year later in 1892.

Service for the two first nights of Passover. London: E. Justins, A.M. 5568 [i.e. 1808 C.E.].Ro3 808h