Gallery Gateway

The purpose of the Gallery Gateway is to make exhibition content available to those who cannot visit The Rosenbach in person, and to create a permanent record of the information shared in exhibitions. 

Gallery Gateways provide all of the content presented on-site in The Rosenbach’s exhibitions via an easily-accessible, easy-to-print, online format. The Gallery Gateway is a cross between traditional, printed museum exhibition catalogues and web-based virtual exhibitions, which have become popular in recent years.  

Gallery Gateways present a large amount of visual and textbased content in a PDF format that makes exhibition content as accessible as possible across audiences and digital interfaces. The Gateways can be viewed online or downloaded to a personal device for viewing and printing. 

The Rosenbach makes Gallery Gateways available on its Gallery Gateway Online Exhibition Portal at  On the Portal, you will also find other special features, including sound effects for web listening, digital interactives, gallery graphics, interviews, and video content. Check the Portal for enhanced digital features as more Gallery Gateways go live. 

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