Pickwick Monthly Cohosts

Kevin Quinn was described in the New York Times as being able to “discuss the particulars of Dickens and commercial trucking with equal proficiency,” As a member of the Friends of Dickens of NY (a branch of the worldwide Dickens Fellowship), Kevin has participated in many Dickens readings, attended Dickensian conferences and events in the US & the UK, and was once seen on BBC Kent walking about Rochester in a topper and tails. Kevin resides in Cranford, NJ. 


Courtney Krolczyk is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at Rutgers University. Her dissertation focuses on Victorian illustration and the limits and affordances of adaptation, and features a chapter on George Cruikshank’s illustrations to Dickens’s Oliver Twist. Courtney’s Dickensian interests also extend beyond the world of academia, and even include an ever-growing collection of Dickens-themed ceramics! 



Dr. Jacob Romanow is a scholar of nineteenth-century British literature and culture and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Literatures in English at Bryn Mawr College. His research focuses on literary form and developing concepts of privacy and nationhood in the Victorian period, and he has published on Anthony Trollope, William Wordsworth, and other nineteenth-century writers. He has taught Dickens in courses at Rutgers University and led seminars at Dickens Universe, and is delighted to be returning to Pickwick! 


James Armstrong teaches at the City University of New York and is author of the new book Romantic Actors, Romantic Dramas: British Tragedy on the Regency Stage. His adaptation of A Christmas Carol was recently produced by Passage Theatre Company in Trenton, NJ, and his play Dickens Condensed has been performed internationally from Staten Island to Japan. He is a member of the Dickens Fellowship, the Dickens Society, and the Dramatists Guild of America.