The Rosenbach Podcast: Episode 13

“Freedom is Everybody’s Job!” Contested History Rides the Freedom Train in 1940’s America 

Museum and library exhibitions and collections have long been sources of public dialogue.  Dr. Rosenbach and his brother and business partner Philip Rosenbach participated in one of the most ambitious exhibitions focused on rare books and documents in American history: the Freedom Train project of the 1940’s, launched shortly after the end of the Second World War.  The spirited public debate around equity, access, and narratives of American history inspired by the Freedom Train hold important insights for Americans today as we continue to consider how best to represent the origins and development of the nation.  This episode of The Rosenbach Podcast shares the story of the Freedom Train and points listeners in the direction of other Rosenbach resources about telling inclusive stories from history.  

The U.S. National Archives has made some material about the Freedom Train accessible via a digital exhibition. Check it out here.

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