The Rosenbach Podcast: Episode 2

Parlor Talk: Exploring the History and Collections of The Rosenbach with Judith M. Guston, Curator & Director of Collections at The Rosenbach

Judith M. Guston.  Photo by Kyle Cassidy. 

The Rosenbach holds internationally-significant collections of fine art, decorative art, and rare books, some of which reside in the beautiful parlor in the historic Rosenbach home.  Yet all is not as it seems in this familiar space, which is filled with artifacts documenting the globally-diverse history of early America and the Philadelphia region in particular.  In this episode, recorded in The Rosenbach’s parlor, Rosenbach Curator & Director of Collections Judith M. Guston tells us about the history of The Rosenbach, the work of curators and other collections professionals, and what the artworks and artifacts on display in the parlor reveal about history and culture.   

The Rosenbach’s object collections, including many that Judy mentioned in this episode, are accessible online via Phil, our object catalog.  Click here to access the catalog and learn more about our fine and decorative arts.






The Rosenbach parlor.
Alexander Ames and Judy Guston discuss Gratz family portraits in The Rosenbach’s parlor. Photo by Jobi Zink.