The Rosenbach Podcast: Episode 3

Live from the Reading Room: Studying Rare Books and Manuscripts with Elizabeth E. Fuller, Librarian of The Rosenbach 

Elizabeth E. Fuller.  Photo by Kyle Cassidy. 

The Rosenbach’s collections draw researchers from around the world to visit our reading room and study books, manuscripts, and other objects.  In this episode, recorded in the reading room, Elizabeth E. Fuller, the Librarian of The Rosenbach, introduces us to The Rosenbach’s collections of rare books and manuscripts and shares a few of her favorite items in the collection.  She also tells us about what it’s like to be a Rosenbach researcher, and how anyone can visit the reading room to engage with our collection objects.   

Care to spend some time in The Rosenbach’s reading room looking at rare books and manuscripts with Elizabeth?  Make a collections inquiry or schedule an appointment today!

You can learn more about many of The Rosenbach’s best-known library collections by checking out our Collections Guides on our website.

Our manuscript collections are searchable online!  Just visit Phil, our object catalog, and try some keyword searches of famous authors and historical figures to see what we might hold in our collection.







Elizabeth E. Fuller hosts researchers visiting the Rosenbach reading room.


Alexander L. Ames and Elizabeth E. Fuller study Rosenbach collection items in the reading room.