The Rosenbach Podcast: Episode 4

Artifacts of Inspiration: Authorship, Activism, and the Archive. A Conversation with Philadelphia Poets Laureate Trapeta Mayson and Yolanda Wisher

Books, historic documents, and other artifacts do not just record the past; they can inspire us to create a better future.  In this episode of The Rosenbach Podcast, Philadelphia Poets Laureate Yolanda Wisher and Trapeta Mayson tell us about what objects in The Rosenbach’s collection they find particularly inspirational for their own literary work.  Wisher and Mayson, both of whom also serve on The Rosenbach’s Board of Directors, share their thoughts about The Rosenbach, and what listeners should expect when they visit in person or engage in a virtual program. Both Mayson and Wisher read poems they’ve written, and the episode also features music recorded by these two multitalented, interdisciplinary artists—including selections from Mayson’s album “This Is How We Get Through,” a collaboration with distinguished jazz artist Monnette Sudler.

Learn more about this episode’s guests by visiting their websites:  

Yolanda Wisher – 

Trapeta Mayson –  

Also, check out Trapeta’s album This Is How We Get Through, a collaboration with preeminent jazz artist Monette Sudler.