Publications Based on Research in the Rosenbach Collections 

Darsie, Heather R. Anna, Duchess of Cleves: The King’s “Beloved Sister.” Stroud, Glos.: Amberley Publishing, 2019. Stoker, Bram. Drafts of “Dracula.” Edited by Robert Eighteen-Bisang and Elizabeth Miller. Victoria, BC: Tellwell, 2019. Chalice [Finnish band]. Trembling Crown. Zwickau, Germany: High Roller Records, 2020.  Alice, Curiouser and Curiouser edited by Kate Bailey and Simon Sladen, with contributions from Annemarie Bilclough and Harriet Reed. London: V&A Publishing, 2020. Lapierre, Alexandra. Belle Greene. Paris: Editions Flammarion, 2021.  Gregory, Elizabeth. “Apparition of Splendor”: Marianne Moore Performing Democracy through Celebrity, 1952-1970. University of Delaware Press, 2021.

The following works were created by researchers using materials at the Rosenbach Museum & Library.

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This list is updated annually and is current as of 16 January 2024. If you know of a publication that includes research conducted on Rosenbach collections that is missing from this list, please contact [email protected].

  • ∞ Publications based on on-site research
  • Ω Publications based on off-site research (including those based on study of published facsimiles), and those that reproduce images of collections objects