The Rosenbach Podcast: Episode 16

The Second Course.  Cooking Up History from James Moxon’s American Travel Journal and Thomas Jefferson’s Cheese Letter with Kelsey Scouten Bates, The John C. Haas Director of the Rosenbach, and Jobi Zink, Registrar of the Rosenbach

Stress and excitement are both running high in the kitchen, as Rosenbach Test Kitchen competitors Kelsey Scouten Bates, Jobi Zink, and Alex Ames cook up their historic dishes for presentation to the Test Kitchen judges.  Dishes include a vegetable soup, turkey with oyster sauce, asparagus with egg, macaroni with cheese, a peach julep, ginger beer, and lemon ice cream for dessert.  Grab your apron and learn from each of the contestants about how they adapted historic recipes for this modern dinner party.  Then, test out some of the recipes yourself! 

Note: This episode was recorded live in Registrar Jobi Zink’s kitchen, with all the background noise you might expect.  Thank you, Jobi, for letting us take over your kitchen for the podcast!

Homemade lemon ice cream, one of the dishes prepared for Rosenbach Test Kitchen by Registrar Jobi Zink. Photo by Jobi Zink.