The Rosenbach Podcast: Episode 21

Anna of Cleves at the Rosenbach: How a Research Trip Led to an Exciting Discovery, and How You Can Become a Rosenbach Researcher Too! A Conversation with Author Heather Darsie, Registrar Jobi Zink, and Collections Stewardship Assistant Jen Tanglao.

The Rosenbach Museum & Library welcomes hundreds of researchers from all around the world to its reading room, to make use of the institution’s rich and diverse collections.  Those researchers help us learn more about our holdings and contribute to our vibrant community. In this special Rosenbach Podcast episode, we’ll talk with author and historian Heather Darsie about how she discovered an important portrait of one of King Henry VIII’s wives at the Rosenbach, and how she made use of it in her recent book project.  Then, Rosenbach Registrar Jobi Zink and Collections Stewardship Assistant Jen Tanglao tell us more about the Rosenbach’s fine and decorative art collections, and how those resources enhance the research value of our rare books and manuscripts.  Finally, Jobi and Jen explain how you too can visit the Rosenbach to enjoy and learn from our collections! 

Note: This interview was recorded shortly after the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Heather was in London witnessing the nation’s response to the historic passing. The episode includes Heather’s reflections on the events, explored in the context of her research into England’s historic queens. 


Photograph of the Rosenbach brothers’ parlor at 2006 Delancey Place, 1926-1950. A portrait of Anna, Duchess of Cleves (1954.1923) hangs above the fireplace. 2006.2333. Rosenbach Museum & Library.