The Rosenbach Podcast: Episode 24

Voices in the Wilderness: A Conversation About Early American Religion and Music with Musicologist and Opera Singer Christopher Dylan Herbert

Note: this episode was recorded live in the Rosenbach’s West Library

What does history sound likeIt’s an intriguing question, and one we may not ask ourselves enoughIn this episode of The Rosenbach podcast, join host Dr. Alexander L. Ames in the West Library of the Rosenbach with musicologist and baritone Dr. Christopher Dylan Herbert for a discussion of the sounds of the Ephrata community of eighteenth-century pious mysticsHerbert will discuss the research methods he used to bring the musical tradition of the Ephrata community to life—and how, in the process, he discovered some of the earliest identified white female American composers. Listen to Voices in the Wilderness here.

Cover of the recently released album Voices in the Wilderness, featuring new arrangements of the historic music of the Ephrata community.