Write Your Own Object Label

Write Your Own Object Label 150 150 The Authorship and Activism of Alice Dunbar Nelson


How do art, authorship, and activism intersect in your life? What does the modern United States have to learn from the life and work of Alice Dunbar-Nelson? Have you been civically engaged around causes about which Alice Dunbar-Nelson was passionate? The Rosenbach wants to hear from you. Share your thoughts and images on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Tag us @TheRosenbach and use #AliceDunbarNelson. We also invite you to participate in the activities below.

Write Your Own Object Label

Addison Scurlock (1883-1964), photograph of Alice Dunbar-Nelson

Washington, D.C., 1915
Courtesy of University of Delaware Library, Museums, and Press, Special Collections & Museums
Alice Dunbar-Nelson Papers, MSS 113.27.459

YOU HAVE READ MANY OBJECT LABELS on the “I Am an American!” digital exhibition websitethe written descriptions that provide information about the pieces exhibited in the show. Below is a well-known portrait of Alice Dunbar-Nelson.  Based on what you’ve learned about Dunbar-Nelson, how would you interpret this image? Write an object label for this artifact. Let us know if we may share your label as part of the exhibition!

    May we share quotes from your response in a “Behind the Scenes” exhibition development blog post at Rosenbach.org and/or other behind-the-scenes summaries of this project? 

    YesNoMaybe; contact me at the email address below for permission first