Past exhibition: Exile Among Expats: James Joyce in Paris

From 02/23/2011 to 08/28/2011

This multimedia exhibition illustrates two entwined stories: Joyce during his Paris years and Paris during its Joyce years. How did Joyce—an Irish exile, a devoted family man, a sequestered literary genius—influence the cosmopolitan avant-garde of the Left Bank? How did the tastes and trends of interwar Paris surface in the labyrinthine worlds of Joyce’s late work? Why did Joyce come to Paris for a weeklong visit and wind up staying for twenty years? This exhibition addresses these questions and more in order to demonstrate the debt Joyce owed to Paris and the bounty Paris received in return.

Highlights include pages from the manuscript to Ulysses, Man Ray’s iconic photographic portrait of Joyce, selections from Ezra Pound’s Islands of Paris report in The Dial, and a first edition of Ulysses smuggled out of Paris and into the United States for Dr. Rosenbach in 1922.



James Joyce in Paris: an Exile among Expatriates is presented by Cozen O’Connor.