Past exhibition: Finding Lincoln

21st-Century Abe
From 05/27/2009 to 08/30/2009

Finding Lincoln: 21st-Century Abe is a two-gallery companion exhibit to the 21st-Century Abe web project ( Finding Lincoln brings together in physical space the 32 Lincoln-related documents at the heart of the web project, including the manuscript of the Baltimore Address, Lincoln’s notes on recruiting black soldiers, his letter discussing his family history, and contemporary newspaper accounts of his assassination. Finding Lincoln also showcases the work of web-project artists ARCHIVE, Bryce Dessner, Maira Kalman, and 1812 Productions and includes photographs, drafts, and other materials that document the creation of their Abe-inspired art. The winners of the on-line Poster Prize, Pundit Prize, and Original Media Prize are also featured in the exhibition.

As you visit Finding Lincoln, you will be able to interact with the website through in-exhibit computer kiosks, which will allow you to share your thoughts and even create your own Abe art. There is also an MP3 tour available for this exhibit, which includes commentary by Lincoln scholar Douglas Wilson as well as excerpts from the audio projects of Bryce Dessner and 1812 Productions.


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