Past exhibition: Moore Adventures in Wonderland

From 09/23/2009 to 06/06/2010

Moore Adventures in Wonderland will uncover the unexpected connections between Lewis Carroll, famed author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and 20th-Century poet Marianne Moore.  Inspired by the Rosenbach’s extensive Carroll and Moore collections and the whimsical qualities of the exhibition space, Johnson will create a poetic archive and a hyper-visual experience of Alice Through the Looking Glass using photography, illustration, digital collage and selected objects from the Museum’s collections.  Much like early museums, the elements of the exhibition aim to represent collections and “cabinets of wonder” but also reflect the desire to collect and in particular Moore’s propensity to hoard any variety of objects which struck her fancy.   Johnson’s installation will lead the viewer on a journey through a conceptual rabbit hole, only to realize at the end of the journey that, like Alice, one hasn’t really travelled at all, but sees the surroundings in a new light.


This commission is made possible by a grant from the Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation and the Samuel S. Fels Fund.