Past exhibition: Westward Ho!

The Lure and Lore of the American West

From 08/04/2010 to 11/28/2010

The West looms large in the American imagination. A place of limitless possibility, the West was an always-available stage for reinvention and new beginnings. This exhibition draws from across the Rosenbach collections to examine the history and mythos of the West and its cast of characters

Past exhibition: Dreadful Things Happen

The Brothers Grimm and Maurice Sendak

From 07/02/2010 to 11/07/2010

For nearly two hundred years, the brothers Grimm have been associated with classic folktales. Maurice Sendak has been an admirer of those stories all his life. From his 1973 illustrations for The Juniper Tree to his costume designs for Hansel and Gretel in 1996, Sendak has grappled with the mix of funny, cruel, and ancient elements that mingle in stories by the Grimms.

Past exhibition: A Taste for Ulysses

From 06/02/2010 to 06/27/2010

Don’t miss this year’s Bloomsday exhibition! A Taste for Ulysses celebrates centrality of food, feasting, and fine (and unfine) dining in Ulysses.

Past exhibition: Friend or Faux

Imitation and Invention, from Innocent to Fraudulent

From 11/11/2009 to 07/11/2010

“Friend or Faux: Imitation and Invention from Innocent to Fraudulent” explores the notion of authenticity across a range of periods and media, looking at objects ranging from innocent copies made as family mementos to illegal forgeries intended to deceive.

Past exhibition: And it’s Still Hot!

Where the Wild Things Are

From 09/30/2009 to 10/25/2009

Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are has enchanted tens of millions of people since it was first published in 1963. This exhibition presents Sendak’s original watercolors, preliminary drawings, and manuscripts for the book along with posters, advertisements, and toys that show the continued impact of Max and the Wild Things on pop culture, and prove that Sendak’s story is still hot after almost half a century.

Past exhibition: Too Many Thoughts to Chew

A Sendak Stew

From 09/23/2009 to 01/17/2010

Dig in to this exhibition all about food, eating, and being eaten in the illustrations of Maurice Sendak. It presents original artwork from 20 Sendak books that show how food brings families together, helps kids forge new friendships, and nourishes us emotionally and intellectually.

Past exhibition: Moore Adventures in Wonderland

From 09/23/2009 to 06/06/2010

Inspired by the Rosenbach’s extensive Lewis Carroll and Marianne Moore collections and the whimsical qualities of the exhibition space, Sue Johnson’s installation creates a poetic archive and a hyper-visual experience of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Past exhibition: A Sendakian Sampler

Drawings A to Z

From 06/02/2009 to 09/13/2009

This mini exhibition offers a highly informal survey of the art of Maurice Sendak, arranged alphabetically: 26 irreverent topics from Acrobatics to Zilch that show the astonishing scope of his work over half a century.

Past exhibition: Finding Lincoln

21st-Century Abe

From 05/27/2009 to 08/30/2009

Finding Lincoln: 21st-Century Abe is a two-gallery companion exhibit to the 21st-Century Abe web project (21stcenturyabe.org). Finding Lincoln brings together in physical space the 32 Lincoln-related documents at the heart of the web project, along with the work of web-project artists Archive, Bryce Dessner, Maira Kalman, and 1812 Productions and the best art created and submitted by visitors to 21stCenturyAbe.org.

Past exhibition: 21st-Century Abe

From 02/12/2009 to 08/31/2009

Lincoln was born two hundred years ago. Happy birthday, Abe! But why are we in the 21st century still obsessed with this 19th-century man? 21st-Century Abe is an interactive website featuring Lincoln documents from the Rosenbach’s collections; interpretations by scholar Douglas Wilson, and artists ARCHIVE, Bryce Dessner, and Maira Kalman; and opportunities for you to create and share your own Abe art and to add your voice to the conversation.