Past exhibition: Thy Father’s Spirit: A Bloomsday Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Literary Manuscripts

Featuring The Ulysses Glove Project by Jessica Deane Rosner
From 06/05/2013 to 09/01/2013

An annual favorite, this exhibition always features pages from James Joyce’s manuscript for Ulysses. This year the exhibition will also include an extraordinary new work by contemporary artist Jessica Deane Rosner: the entire text of the novel written out on 310 yellow rubber kitchen gloves.

Rosner’s visually striking exhibition was created in honor of her father, an ardent fan of Ulysses. This is especially fitting as this year Bloomsday—celebrated each June 16 to mark the day on which Ulysses protagonist Leopold Bloom made his fictional “odyssey” through Dublin—falls on Father’s Day. As such, Thy Father’s Spirit explores the theme of fathers found in the novel, while the contemporary installation by Rosner explores the artist’s relationship with her own father.