Cruikshank, George, "A Startling Effect," 1838. 1954.0904
At the Rosenbach

Reading Group: Magic & the Supernatural in Shakespeare

Sun, 04/27/2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
This course will examine the influence of magic and the supernatural on Shakespeare's creative process as he created mysterious settings, vividly beautiful heroines or wickedly misshapen royals, and the inevitable actions that follow. More
At the Rosenbach

Four Scores on 150 Years Ago

Wed, 04/02/2014 - Sun, 05/25/2014
In this special exhibition, we invite you to explore this fascinating and unique project from its inception to today. Burrell’s original musical scores, research notebooks, and interviews about his creative process will be displayed beside to the original Civil War documents which inspired the concerts. More
At the Rosenbach

Sendak in the '60s

Wed, 03/26/2014 - Sun, 11/02/2014
Amidst the turbulence of 1960s America a quiet revolution took place where few expected it: the world of children’s books. Maurice Sendak was part of a vanguard of writers and illustrators transforming the American picture book and revolutionizing children’s culture in the ‘60s. This exhibition is the first to explore how Sendak’s art reflected both social and personal... More
At the Rosenbach

Networking Before the Net

Wed, 01/29/2014 - Mon, 06/16/2014
Explore the ways that people—historic and contemporary—have connected to each other and the world they live in. While modern technology has revolutionized the ease and speed with which humans can connect behavior that may seem novel today may just be new expressions of ongoing human interests. Networking before the Net offers a playful look at such “social media,” then and now. More


Hands-On Tour

Marianne Moore, Modernist Poet

Fri. Apr. 25th, 2014 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Hands-On Tour

Early Hebrew Books

Sun. Apr. 27th, 2014 3:00pm - 4:00pm

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