SOLD OUT! In Conversation with Daniel Mulhall, Ulysses: A Reader’s Odyssey (Bloomsday Program) (in-person)

Date / Time

  • June 13, 2022
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


2008-2010 Delancey Place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103, United States

This program is generously sponsored by Arthur Spector and Leslye Silver




We’re opening up the last session of Ambassador Daniel Mulhall’s Ulysses course to everyone for a talk about the last chapter of Joyce’s novel. ‘Molly’ is an appropriate note on which to finish an analysis of Ulysses, for not only does she have the last word in the novel (in Episode 18), but her soliloquy returns to many of the themes that have arisen during her husband’s day of wandering around Dublin.  Throughout the novel, Molly is never far from Bloom’s mind and there are frequent references to her by the novel’s minor characters, but Molly has her say in the end.

About the Speaker 

Daniel Mulhall was born in Waterford. He has spent more than 40 years in Ireland’s diplomatic service, and is currently Ireland’s ambassador in the United States. He has written and lectured around the world on the subject of Irish literature, and in particular the work of James Joyce, and has worked tirelessly throughout his career to further the impact and reach of Irish writing around the world. His new book is Ulysses: A Reader’s Odyssey, an introductory guide to one of the twentieth century’s greatest works of fiction. Mulhall shuns the idea that the book is impenetrable and instead shows us the pleasure it can offer us as readers. 


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