Images & Permissions

Policy for Copies, Photographs, and Digital Images

Researchers may take their own digital photos at no charge (see Research Policies on “Use of Electronic Equipment”).  Scans and photographs are made for a fee by Rosenbach staff only if the condition of the material permits, at the discretion of the collections staff, and in limited quantities. The Rosenbach reserves the right to judge the appropriate method of reproduction of materials in its collections and to determine what constitutes a reasonable image request. To request digital photographs, or scans, complete the form at the bottom of the page. Microfilm is not available. Provision of photographs and scans does not constitute permission to quote from these materials or to publish or reproduce them in any way. For more information, see “Publication Policy” below.

Publication Policy

In most cases the Rosenbach does not own the copyright to the material in its collections. It is your responsibility to identify the copyright status of the material and to apply to any owner(s) of the copyright for permission to quote, publish, or reproduce it. As the owner of the physical property, The Rosenbach does not deny or grant permission to publish or reproduce material from its collections. The Rosenbach may make reasonable requests concerning the use of accurate captions and other identifying information for images of objects in its collection.

For assistance in locating copyright holders, and links to other useful information about copyright, visit the WATCH (Writers Artists and Their Copyright Holders) database.

If you are looking for publicity photos of Rosenbach collections or exhibitions, please contact [email protected].

Request for Images

Complete the form below to request reproduction(s) of images that are part of the Rosenbach’s collections. Please consult the Photography Terminology guide and use these definitions to describe the images that you would like. This will help streamline the collections digitization process, maximize our efficiency, and to ensure that you receive exactly the images that you are interested in.

The Rosenbach reserves the right to judge the appropriate method of reproduction of materials in its collections. Reproductions are provided only if the condition of the material permits. While we do our best to take quality photographs, the Rosenbach has neither professional photographers, an extensive photography studio, nor the resources to dedicate to post-production editing of photographs. Researchers are responsible for editing photographs to straighten, crop, or adjust light or coloring in order to make the images suitable for publication

Once the request has been processed, the Rosenbach will send you an invoice for the requested images. Credit card payments may be made directly at or taken over the phone, Tuesday-Sunday, at 215-732-1600 ext. 0. Please mention invoice number. Checks and wire transfers are also accepted. Directions for these payment methods are included on the invoice. The Rosenbach will provide the image(s) after payment is received.

Fee Summary

  • $15 service fee: for all orders includes first-class mail or electronic delivery; other delivery options can incur additional charges
  • $1.00 per image: Low-resolution JPG (up to 100 dpi, 24-bit color, not publication quality)
  • $5.00 per image: High-resolution JPG (300 dpi, 24-bit color; suitable for most publications)
  • $15.00 per image: High-resolution JPG (600 dpi, 48 bit color; recommended for publication covers and large graphic reproductions
  • $75.00 per image: High-resolution for commercial production (television, movies, documentaries, etc.) Questions, please contact Tyler Melchior, Manager of Communications, [email protected].
  • Free: On-site researchers may bring a digital camera and take their own photos at no cost. An appointment is required; for details see or call 215-732-1600 ext. 115.
  • Market Price: Professional Photography for high-resolution photos of fragile, large, 3-dimensional, or otherwise difficult-to-reproduce objects

Image Reproduction Request Form