From left to right: Derick Dreher, Emilie Parker, Kelsey Bates, and Judy Guston.



Siobhan A. Reardon, President and Director, Free Library of Philadelphia

Derick Dreher, John C. Haas Director

Kelsey Scouten Bates, Associate Director and Director of Development

Hilary Naiberk, Development Operations Manager

Gwendolyn Donahue, Development Coordinator

Bethany Chisholm, Manager of Events

Rosa Doherty, Manager of Communications

Christina Doe, Facilities Manager


Collections Department

Judith M. Guston, Curator and Director of Collections

Alexander L. Ames, Collections Engagement Manager

Cathleen D. Chandler, Collections Assistant

Elizabeth E. Fuller, Librarian

Jobi Zink, Registrar


Education and Visitor Services Department

Emilie Parker, Hirsig Family Director of Education

Edward G. Pettit, Manager of Public Programs

Andrew White, Volunteer Coordinator

Stephen Bartholomew, Visitor Services Associate

Caitlin Coad, Visitor Services Assistant

Carly Hughes, Visitor Services Assistant

Briana Meyer, Visitor Services Assistant

Kristina Robold, Visitor Services Assistant