Our Supporters

The Rosenbach is grateful to our supporters who help make possible our programming and exhibitions inspired by a world class collection.

The Delancey Society

James Joyce Circle

Cynthia and John Affleck
James H. and Janet S. Averill
Eileen Kennedy and Robert C. Heim
Deborah and Eugene LeFevre
Susan B. Muller
Judith and Bernard Newman
Lenore H. Steiner and Perry A. Lerner

Bram Stoker Circle

Amy and R. Putnam Coes, III
Roberto and Francine Sella
Liza and Jonathan Seltzer
Arthur and Miriam* Spector

Marianne Moore Circle

Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey
Benito Cachinero-Sánchez and Deborah G. Gorman
Alexandra V. Edsall and Robert S. Victor
Amy L. Finkel and Richard J. Braemer
Gage Johnston and Jack I. Jallo
Leroy E. Kean
Jacqueline and Eric Kraeutler
Susan McDonald
Michael and Stephanie Naidoff
Eleanor and Peter D. Nalle
Robert K. Urquhart
Lisa Washington
Betsy W. and David H. Wice

Joseph Conrad Circle

Kelsey Scouten Bates and Glenn Bates
Carol and Winston Banford
Jane Lavelle and Andrew Costarino
Janet H. Dreher
Charlotte and Robert Friedman
Elizabeth H. Gemmill, Esq.
Arlan and Bruce Kardon
Janet S. Klein
H. Lewis Klein
Laura and Christopher Lindsay
Susan D. Ravenscroft
Emily C. Riley
Eileen Rosenau
Robin and Mark E. Rubenstein
Richard and Eileen Sichel
Barbara H. and L. Frederick Sutherland

Lewis Carroll Circle

Jan and Pete Albert
Gisela Alter
Steven Andres
Bonnie Barnes
Carol and Horace Barsh
Diane and Robert Bass
Jennifer and Ernest Bates
The Honorable Phyllis W. Beck and Dr. Aaron T. Beck
Amy Branch and D. Jeffry Benoliel
Alyse and Jim Bodine
Elaine Woo Camarda
Emily and Michael Cavanagh
Dana Gibson Close
Amanda and John DiChello
Tobey and Mark Dichter
Derick Dreher and Gudrun Dauner
Constance and Paul Dry
Lily and Peter Ferry
Alisa G. Field and Alan M. Sandals
Allen R. and Judy Brick Freedman
Pamela and Peter Freyd
Jim and Kay Gately
Donna L. and David A. Gerson
Carole Haas Gravagno
Peggy and Richard Greenawalt
Natalie and Ralph Hirshorn
Alan R. and Nancy J. Hirsig
John D. Iskrant
Margot and Robert Keith
Sarah and Kevin Kleinschmidt
Ruth and Peter Laibson
Jim MacElderry and Marilyn Fishman
Janice and Joseph Marini
Bruce McKittrick and Wendy Wilson
George McNeely
Genie and James L. Murphy
Margaretta and Jack Noonan
Zoë S. Pappas
Siobhan and James Reardon
Renée G. Sackey
Katie and Tony Schaeffer
Pamela L. Schreiber
Lesley and Richard Seitchik
Suzanne Simons
Robert I. and Jane Toll
Peggy B. Wachs
Valerie Wells
Sally Wiener Grotta
A. M. Williams Jr.
Wendy Wilson and Bruce McKittrick
Yolanda Wisher
The Zeldin Family Foundation