Americana Collection: Boston, 26th of June, 1775

This broadside gives a breathless account of the British triumph at Bunker Hill.  Hearing of an impending siege of Boston, under cover of night the colonists threw up entrenchments on this strategic isthmus overlooking the city.  General William Howe unwisely launched several frontal assaults, losing nearly half his forces.  “This action has shown the bravery of the king’s troops,” concludes the writer, “who under every disadvantage, gained a complete victory over three times their number, strongly posted, and covered by breastworks….”  Other accounts suggest a different picture: though outnumbered, the colonists lost 449 men, compared to 1,054 for the British.

Printer Info

Printed by John Howe, 1775 in Boston

Country of Origin United States of America