Greetings from the Frozenbach

Yup, there’s a lot of snow out there! But we’re back on the job and we got the finishing touches on the “For Ruthie” exhibit in time for opening today, so everything’s going full speed ahead.

In honor of the snow and the upcoming President’s Day holiday, I’d like to direct everyone to last year’s blog post on Abraham Lincoln and snow, from the 21st-Century Abe project, which describes the “Winter of Deep Snow” of 1830-31 (sounds familiar, doesn’t it).

Also check out this great picture from today’s Philadelphia Inquirer (click through the photo gallery to #5)–it’s a Where the Wild Things Are snowman! If Alice in Wonderland is more your style, check out this Mad Tea Party snowscene on Flickr. It was done a couple of years back in Duluth and is well worth a look.

Or perhaps, you’d prefer Dracula? (Given that they called the last snowstorm “Snowzilla” I’m hoping the next one will be “Count Snowcula”)

Count Dracula

Or maybe James Joyce?

James Joyce turned into snowman - Pula

Enjoy the weather everyone; it’s great for curling up with a book or warming up with ours at the Rosenbach.