Uncle Ben’s nice… part I of many

This week we said goodbye, for a little while, to some of our great Ben Franklin things to be featured in the great BF300 fooferaw soon to overtake the city. This image comes from what is arguably our greatest Franklin item and one of the greatest items in the museum–the only surviving copy of the first Poor Richard Almanac.

Dr. R. was a big fan of Dr. Franklin, buying pretty much whatever he found and keeping whatever he could. Our collection includes letters written by Franklin, books published by his press, even a portrait drawing. We will be showing off a set of Poor Richard Almanacs as part of our own Franklin celebration with an exhibition opening in September–look for it in an upcoming events calendar, as well as on WHYY. We just had a film crew here taping Judy Guston, our Curator and Director of Collections, talking about Franklin and almanacs for a documentary that will be shown nationwide, so keep an eye out for it.