From our interns

Hi everyone! 

My name is Katie Chuss and I am a collections intern at the Rosenbach Museum and Library as part of the Villanova University Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest. I am an undergraduate student entering my junior year and double majoring in History and Political Science. I am honored to be able to participate in this program and am excited to use this opportunity to gain experience working with archival materials under the supervision of the museum’s Registrar, Jobi Zink. 

During my time at the Rosenbach, I have been primarily working with material related to the Rosenbach family, especially the two brothers, Dr. A. S. W. and Philip, who ran the company and founded the museum. This work has included cataloging Rosenbach family photos, updating condition reports, and assisting with inventory among other things. One of my favorite projects I have has the pleasure of working on in my time here has been the creation of a Rosenbach family tree. It has been so fascinating to explore the family’s history and I have learned so much about them! My personal favorite fun fact is that Dr. Rosenbach had a small menagerie of pets including a gray African parrot named Josephine and two dogs called Sport and Tiddlywinks.  

I am so grateful to the Rosenbach staff for being so welcoming and doing their best to help me and my fellow interns to feel valued during our time here. From including us in the meetings and training courses to involving us in projects they know have aspects that interest us. I have deeply appreciated all of the opportunities this internship has provided me, as well as the skills and expertise that the staff has introduced me to and helped me to hone. My experience at the Rosenbach will serve me well going forward and I am so thankful to everyone here who has helped me along my path. I am excited for what the rest of this internship will bring and for what it will continue to teach me!