From the Collection

In this edition of From the Collection, we’re highlighting the recent inter-departmental work that went on behind-the-scenes to prepare and open our new exhibition Succession: Why Presidential History Matters Now. Additionally, along with ongoing object movement and inventory activities, the Rosenbach is welcoming visitors back to the dining room after completing conservation work. Guests can once again see the space as part of the historic house tour. Keep reading to learn more!

Wall graphics are installed in the Succession galleries to create an immersive experience.

More graphic installation underway.

One of the behind-the-scenes tasks that goes into creating an exhibition is lighting the galleries for maximum effect while assuring the safety of objects on display! Here Facilities Superintendent Tom Bendel adjusts the lighting to get it just right.

The cases that hold the collections objects in our exhibitions are heavy and cumbersome! They are moved with great care to protect the floors in the galleries.

After weeks of installation, Succession is open to the public!

The exhibition has so many objects on view that is spread out over two gallery spaces.

This exciting and timely exhibition prepared by the Department of Outreach & Engagement and the Collections Department uplifts the Rosenbach’s remarkable American history collections and encourages visitors to think about the history and future of the highest office in the land. A team of expert museum professionals worked hard to bring this evocative, aesthetically pleasing, thought-provoking exhibition to life.

Succession: Why Presidential History Matters Now is on view now through November. Access to the exhibition is included with general admission and the Rosenbach is open to visitors Thursday to Sunday. Learn more about the exhibition here. Succession is sponsored by Renée Sackey in honor of her late husband David Rosenbach Sackey.

This month, our Manager of Public Programs Edward G. Pettit was interviewed for a feature about our Dracula holdings on NHK World-Japan, the equivalent of PBS in the United States or BBC in the United Kingdom. His interview will be translated and will premiere this fall.

With our historic windows now conserved, Librarian Elizabeth Fuller re-hung the window sheers while the rest of the Collections team watched on!

Registrar & Associate Director of Collections Jobi Zink repositions a malachite card receiver on the marble sideboard in the dining room.

Collections Stewardship Assistant David Owen gently removes bubble wrap from the delicate crystal drops of an argand lamp in the dining room.

Elizabeth and David safely move the portrait of Morris Rosenbach in his newly conserved frame.

Art handler Matt Gay and Marianne Moore Collections Intern Joseph Rullo successfully rehung the portrait of Morris Rosenbach on the staircase wall between the first and second floor.

Interns Joseph and Katie Chuss practice setting up the camera on the tripod after a Collections photography workshop and training session.

Assistant Librarian Nancy Loi and Elizabeth work on inventorying boxes of copper printing plates.

Joseph inventories handkerchiefs and fabric swatches from her favorite outfits saved by poet Marianne Moore.