From our interns

Hi, I am Joseph Rullo, the 2023 Marianne Moore Collections Intern. I am a graduate of Tyler School of Art with a B.A. in Art History. While working at the Rosenbach, I am responsible for ensuring the Marianne Moore collection is accurately inventoried and accessible in the collections software for use by any future researchers.

I have had a wonderful experience working here and have gained valuable knowledge that will serve me well in my upcoming career. Perhaps one of the most exciting experiences was learning how to take professional, high-quality images of 2-D and 3-D objects from a specialist in the field of cultural photography. I had not previously considered the importance of that aspect of documentation. I have a decent amount of amateur photography experience, and this training opened my eyes to a new opportunity to explore what had previously solely been a creative outlet in a more professional capacity.

The staff at the Rosenbach go above and beyond in including the other collections intern, Katie, and I in the day-to-day processes of the institution. They even encourage us to participate and contribute in collections meetings, particularly valuing our knowledge in our respective studies and fresh perspectives. One of my favorite activities is “Stewardship Monday”, headed by Jobi Zink, where the collections team sets time aside to care for various aspects of the Rosenbach collection. Activities can range from general inventory projects, to preparing spaces in the museum for events, to even bringing items back to their home locations after being on display or coming back from a conservator. All of these new experiences are invaluable in teaching me more practical skill in object handling and proper inventory practice. I am incredibly grateful for the Rosenbach staff and will come away from this internship with knowledge that will help me succeed in the world of collections, archival material and the broader context of museum work.