Elementary! Detecting Sherlock Holmes and Other Consulting Detectives | Behind the Bookcase

Date / Time

  • April 4, 2024
    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


2008-2010 Delancey Place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103, United States


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  • Registration opens for Delancey Society on March 7, for Rosenbach members on March 14, and for the general public on March 21



For over a century, readers have been thrilled by Arthur Conan Doyle’s adventures of the world’s first consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his assistant, Dr. John Watson, as they battle the criminal forces of London. We’ll use our magnifying glasses to view not only first editions of these stories and Doyle’s handwritten manuscript of the Holmes story, “The Adventure of the Empty House,” but also see some of the earlier influences of the mystery/detective genre from Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens. Deerstalkers not required, but if you have one, wear it!

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