The Rosenbach welcomes distinguished visitors to the rare book library

The Rosenbach has been a hub of activity lately: installation is well underway for our upcoming exhibition Frankenstein & Dracula: Gothic Monsters, Modern Sciencewe hosted the Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden last week; on Monday, we welcomed the Association of International Bibliophiles; and Tuesday we kicked off the fall programming season with an In Conversation with the Rosenbach event featuring Hans Walter Gabler.

Chairman of The Rosenbach’s Board of Directors Arthur Spector, Librarian of Congress Dr. Carla Hayden, President and Director of the Free Library of Philadelphia Siobhan Reardon, and John C. Haas Director of The Rosenbach Derick Dreher.

Dr. Carla Hayden spent the morning of September 20 at the Rosenbach meeting with members of our Board of Directors, discussing her plans for the Library of Congress and challenges libraries are facing today. Curator and Director of Collections Judith Guston, Librarian Elizabeth Fuller, and Registrar Jobi Zink pulled an array of books, manuscripts, and objects for Dr. Hayden to view: the objects included pages from the Ulysses manuscript; a first edition of The Whale (better known to us as Moby-Dick); and a map drawn by George Washington entitled “A plan of my farm on Little Hunting Creek and Potomac River.” At the end of the visit, Director Derick Dreher introduced Dr. Hayden to Dr. Rosenbach’s library and the Marianne Moore room.

Dr. Hayden looks at objects with Elizabeth Fuller and Judy Guston.


Dr. Hayden explores the Marianne Moore room.


Dr. Hayden examines a book of political pamphlets from Thomas Jefferson’s library. Collection of the Rosenbach, A798c.

On Monday, September 25, we welcomed almost forty members of the Association of International Bibliophiles (AIB) to the Rosenbach at the end of their annual week-long conference– the 2017 AIB Congress took place in Washington, D.C., and this group chose to add on a few days in Philadelphia. This international group spent over an hour viewing some of the greatest treasures in our collection with our staff before retiring to the Denworth room for a light reception. The AIB viewed some of the same works as Dr. Hayden, along with a few other important pieces: The Bay Psalm Book, the first book printed in what would become the United States in 1640; the only remaining copy of the first edition Poor Richard’s Almanac from 1773; a 1608 English edition of Don Quixote; and a 1678 edition of Pilgrim’s Progress.

Members of the Association of International Bibliophiles examine items with Librarian Elizabeth Fuller.


Derick Dreher shows and AIB member objects from The Rosenbach’s early English literature collection.


Registrar Jobi Zink discusses the Marianne Moore room with members of AIB.


AIB members examine books in the west library.


After visiting the library AIB members enjoy a reception in the Denworth room.

We were so honored to place some of our most beautiful and significant books in the hands of nationally and globally recognized book lovers. But you don’t have to be the Librarian of Congress or an International Bibliophile to get up close and personal with our collection! We’ll guide you through a themed selection of objects on our weekly Hands-On Tours; groups of ten or more can arrange a special group tour or class presentation; researchers and writers may make a free research appointment and examine books and papers with the assistance of our librarian. We hope to see you at The Rosenbach soon!