Past exhibition: A Taste of History

Feast your mind on pigeon transmogrified!
From 11/10/2010 to 01/31/2011

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, the Rosenbach serves up a tasty treat from its collections. Find out how Robinson Crusoe, Oliver Twist, and Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy of Little Women answered the age-old question: What’s for dinner? From Fish Balls to Calf’s Head, en Tortue all the way to Pigeon Transmogrified, this exhibit highlights a wide array of the historic food oddities found in historic cookbooks, menus, and recipes.

Even if you’re not a foodie, early reports on the eatable wild life of the New World are as fascinating as the food itself. Come find out what animal John Smith struggled to describe to his English readers in Generalle Historie of Virginia: “…hath a head like a Swine, and a taile like Rat, and is of the bignesse of a Cat. Under her belly she hath a bagge, wherein she lodgeth, carrieth, and suckleth her young.” Stumped? His readers likely were, too.

The exhibition also offers a veritable (if only visual!) cornucopia for foodies from a sumptuous array of glassware, porcelain, and flatware, to a dinner invitation from George Washington.